IB2018 Registration Form
Dear reader, please complete the form below to indicate with which services and at what level your utility would like to participate in the IB2018 benchmarking exercise for Western Europe. The form exist of 5 pages. Some of the questions are mandatory. Without answering these questions you can not proceed to the next page of the form. After completing the form make sure to submit it. You will receive a confirmation with a summary of the preferences. Please sign this form and send it to administrator@waterbenchmark.org as an official confirmation of participation.

If you are facing any problem when completing the form please let us know by sending an e-mail to administrator@waterbenchmark.org

More information about the IB2018 benchmarking exercise is available in the 'Call to Register' which you can download here: https://www.waterbenchmark.org/documents/Public-documents

Participants IB2017 benchmarking workshop Athens, Greece
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