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first off and most importantly: thank you for taking time to share your thoughts about the Community Canvas. Your feedback will be crucial in making the next version of the Canvas better.

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The Community Canvas team

Part 1: About yourself
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Part 2: Your thoughts on the Community Canvas
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How valuable has the Community Canvas been for your community work? *
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Tremendous, very tangible value
What is most valuable about the current version of the Canvas?
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How would you change the current version of the Canvas to make it more valuable? *
For example: what can we improve? What is missing? What can we leave out? What do we need to reconsider?
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Would you be interested in having a 30 minutes conversation with someone from our team about your experience with the Community Canvas? *
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If you said yes above, what times are best for you?
What's your availability? If we're trying to schedule a time, when would be best for you? (We'll assume you'll be in the time zone of the city / country you mentioned above, let us know if different)
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Part 3: Basic information about your community
Please note that most of the fields below are voluntary. We would be super grateful to know more about your community, but understand how everyone is living busy lives, so feel free to leave as much detail as your time allows. Thank you!
What is your community called? *
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What's your community's website?
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Who are the members of your community and why does the group exist?
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How many people are part of your community?
How old is your community?
What is the biggest challenge your community currently is facing?
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Where does interaction happen in your community?
Where are your members?
Thank you for taking time - we so appreciate it!
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