2022-2023 HS Model UN Application
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Head Coach LaRosa: slarosa@fultonscienceacademy.org 
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FSA Academic Teams Policies and Procedures
Fulton Science Academy Academic Teams include Model UN, Science Olympiad, Tech Fair, Robotics, Math Olympiad, Future City, and Reading Bowl. These teams are highly‐ competitive, national‐caliber teams requiring much dedication and support from teachers, students, and parents. Placement on an Academic Team is a privilege reserved for students in good academic standing and of high moral character.

Before families commit to membership on an Academic Team, they should be aware of the following expectations:

1. Middle School Students may be members of a maximum of two Academic Teams.
2. Selection for membership on an Academic Team is based on academic performance, prior experience, potential, commitment, student preference, and enthusiasm. Selection for a team will be at the discretion of the head coach(es). Not all students will be accepted.
3. Dues for each Academic Team are $150 per student per team. Students who are members of more than one Academic Team must pay $150 for each team. Additional fees may be required for competition registration fees, travel, and miscellaneous expenses.
4. Acceptance on an Academic Team does not guarantee a spot in any or all competitions. Rosters for competitions are at the discretion of the head coach(es). In all cases, FSA will place team success over individual placement.
5. Parents are expected to support the team and their student through encouragement and volunteering.
Parents are expected to get their students to and from practices and competitions on time.
6. Academic team members are expected to represent Fulton Science Academy in a positive manner, displaying good sportsmanship and conduct at all times, whether on or off campus.
7.All school rules are in effect for all Academic Team activities at all times, whether on or off campus.
8. Students and parents must demonstrate respect for all teammates, competitors, volunteers, coaches, judges, and officials.
9. Students and parents are expected to comply with all instructions from coaches and officials.
10. Students are expected to respect all equipment, materials, and property regardless of ownership.
Safety is a priority. Horseplay and abuse of equipment or facilities will not be tolerated.
11. Class work is a priority. Students are expected to remain in good academic standing in all of their classes. Unexcused missing assignments and/or a failing average for a class (below 70) may prevent a student from competing in a tournament.
Students who receive an Out of School Suspension, accumulate three days of In School Suspension, or accumulate three Academic Teams Warning Forms over the course of the year may be terminated from the team.
12. Absences from school for academic competitions are excused absences. Any classwork or homework must be made up in accordance with the school policy for excused absences.
13. Failure to comply with these expectations is grounds for disciplinary action, including, but not limited to dismissal from the team.

By submitting this online application parents and students certify that they have  read, understand, and will comply with the Academic Teams Policies and Procedures. It is understood that membership is a privilege and an honor.  
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