Consciously Parenting Project Workshops!
Let us know what you most need for virtual workshop support. These will be 3-hour interactive workshops that will be recorded. Below are the topics we're considering. Let me know if you'd find it helpful and if you would attend. I will determine which workshops to offer first based on the responses here! Cost will be pay what you can. We will also be raffling free workshops from these responses, so include your email at the bottom if you'd like to be included in the raffle.
Behavior Detective (explore what your children's behaviors are communicating and how to shift what's happening) *
Sleep, Sweet Sleep (For families who want everyone to sleep better- parents and kids alike- regardless of who is having the sleep problem) *
Get out of survival! (For parents who are feeling overwhelmed and want to shift out of just getting by. Focusing on nervous system and simple strategies to support overall health and connection.) *
Creating Resilience in Ourselves and Our Children *
Navigating Screens While Staying Connected (For parents and children who are having trouble finding the balance, especially in these virtual learning times) *
Becoming Less Anxious (this is way more about what's happening in the brain and nervous system and how to support both parents and children with anxiety) *
Consciously Caregiving (for others caring for young children- teachers, nannies, grandparents, aunts and uncles, to help get everyone on the same page!) *
Feelings and Boundaries (This will cover everyone having big feelings- not just young children having big emotional upsets- and what respectful boundaries look and feel like.) *
Tools and Support for Connecting with your Partner (because if you're partnered, when that is running well family life is so much better!) *
How much would you pay for a life-changing 3-hour workshop? Prices below are in USD *
How old are your children? If you're interested in a particular workshop above that may be age-dependent about a specific child (like the behavior detective workshop), use the other option to include the age of that child. *
Is there another topic you'd like us to consider? Is there something else you'd like us to know about you? Share your answer here! Thank you!
Tell us where you live in the world (country, state, and city) and days of the weeks and times that would work best for you and your family. *
If you'd like us to contact you when these workshops become available, please leave us your name and email here. We'll also be raffling several free workshops from submissions. We will not sell or otherwise use your email address without your express permission. Thank you!
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