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ARE YOU INTERESTED IN GOING TO NIGERIA & GHANA IN 2019? (Scroll down for interest form.)

In 2019, we will be hosting a group in Nigeria & Ghana, West Africa for "Nigerian & Ghanaian Jollof."

This year the Intercultural Communities Project (ICP), founded by an interculturalist, Teni-Ola Ogunjobi, has decided to organize trips to two African countries. Teni-Ola has been inspired by the increased interest in travel to the continent and the embrace of African culture. She also believes that there is value in members of the African Diaspora traveling to Africa to explore their origins, seek their truth, make their own connections to and draw their conclusions about the continent of Africa! In effort for Africa to connect with descendants of Africa, those of us who have the connections to the continent must help others make the connections! With this in mind, ICP has taken on this role of connector and charges African descendants to be intentional about traveling to and throughout the African continent and the African Diaspora.

ICP aims to inspire the descendants of Africans to explore all of the 54 African countries, as well as the various African Diaspora communities all over the world. The goal is to discover the diversity amongst African people, link members of the African Diaspora to the people in Africa, and for all to share a collective and authentic history of African people and their cultures. 2019’s exploration of Africa will start with the most populous nation on the continent, Nigeria, and a country that appears on CNN Travel's list of best places to visit in 2019, Ghana.


The main theme of this trip will be around end-of-year celebrations in the African context through cultural exploration, culture immersion, community building, and personal transformation. Additionally, you will be officially inducted in the world-renowned Jollof Wars. After tasting Nigerian and Ghanaian jollof first hand in their respective cultural context, you will earn the status to start, officiate, or even attempt to end "discussions" on this good-natured but all-so divisive topic.

Our itineraries for Nigeria and Ghana will provide an opportunity to see a lot of the major cultural attractions in Nigeria (Nike Art Gallery, The New Afrika Shrine, Badagry Heritage Museum, Calabar Carnival 2019, etc.) and in Ghana (Museums, Slave Castles, Kakum Park, Ashanti Kingdom, Afrochella 2019, etc.). The logistics in Nigeria will be coordinated by ICP; and in Ghana by Culture Beyond Borders (CBB). Both ICP and CBB aim to apply an intercultural competency perspective on these trips to ensure travelers have a culturally appropriate, positive, and impactful cross-cultural experience!

We recognize that traveling with like-minded folks committed to networking with culturally diverse communities, while creating change in the world and in themselves, can be powerful experiences. As travel advocates, we hope this trip is the first of many for those traveling for the first time to the Motherland and a memorable one for the seasoned travelers.

Nigerian Jollof dates are: December 14-26 (13 days)
*Participants have the option to stay all 13 days as stated above or for a shortened (7 day) stay.
The 7-day stay options are either from December 14-20 or from December 20-26.

Ghanaian Jollof dates are: December 27 - January 4 (9 days)
*Participants must be able to stay for the full 9 days (December 27 - January 4). There is an option to extend this trip by arriving before December 27th or staying after January 4.

Completing this form is NOT A COMMITMENT to the trip, but will help us gauge interests and expectations.
Final details regarding, cost, itinerary, and payment arrangements will be made available following the completion of this process.

Join us as we end 2019 and start 2020 with Nigerian and Ghanaian Jollof!

Visit to view full trip itineraries & find how to officially register ASAP!
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