Want to teach a Workshop or Class at MakeICT?
Wonderful. There's no better contribution to society than to share your knowledge and wisdom. Thank you. Don't worry, we're all friends here. Think about what you'd like to do and how you would like to do it. There are several resources available at MakeICT. This form will help align your efforts with the services available. Your answers are not set in stone. If your not sure just give us your thoughts. We'll be in touch with you to sort out any issues.
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How would you like us to contact you? Enter your email, phone, fax, registered courier, old friends, carrier pigeon, or whatever else - please let us know!
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What title would you give your class? *
If this is a generic class you can call it something basic like [ Wood Shop Safety Class ]. If your teaching a special skill please put your name to it and call it something like [ Baking a Cake with Mary Berry]
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Usually this proposal is for classes at the MakeICT makerspace, but if you plan to present off-site let us know where.
Think about when you'd like to teach the class. For best results, pick a date 3-4 weeks from now, and check the calendar to confirm that it's open. Also select what time of the day you will start and when you will finish.
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How long will the class take?
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Description? *
Describe yourself and what you are teaching. It's good to provide an agenda of the topics you plan to present, objectives of what the participants will take away from the class, and any prerequisite knowledge, necessary skills, or appropriate age levels for the class. Also you might note if this is a recurring series of classes.
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How many participants would you like to have? Keep in mind where you plan to have the class. If people will be making something they will need more space.
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Will you charge money for your class? *
If you're volunteering to teach a workshop our standard fee structure is [free for members and $5 for non-members]. If you would like to be paid for your service keep in mind you get 75% of the fee and MakeICT gets 25%. Generally non-members pay an extra $5 (which goes to MakeICT) but if for some reason you need more money from non-members we can do that. Payment is generally issued on the 15th of the month following the class.
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What resources will you need?
Required Authorizations?
Some classes require participants to have taken a shop safety class. Check if required.
That's all we need to know really. If you have an image / picture (about 1MB file size) of your craft to use for our media hang on to it. When we respond to your request you can send it to us. Look over the form before you submit. Make sure you included any requirements people may need for the class in your description. And above all be prepared to have fun. :-) It's what we live for. Comments?
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