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Calling all professionals, experts, and passionate individuals!

Please join the Mahwah Expert Directory to enrich the learning experiences of our students here in Mahwah. We are looking for individuals who would be willing to volunteer their time in various ways throughout the school year such as through guest speaking, mentorships/project support, email/phone interviews, etc. in K-12 classrooms. Whether you are an engineer, business professional, or involved in the arts, there is no limit to the range of needs! We are open to all expertise and passions. We are seeking a rich, diverse experience for our students. Come sign up!

By adding your name to this document, you can expect to hear from teachers who need your support with curriculum endeavors. If you know other individuals through work or other relationships who would be willing to participate, please have them sign up!

(**You may or may not be contacted during a school year based on need. Please know your time is valued and we understand if you may not be available upon request.**)

Please email with any questions, comments, or concerns. Thank you in advance for your dedication to the Mahwah Schools!
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