“LOM’s Mental Math using Abacus” – Video Course. A Whole Brain Development Program
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• Thorough video lessons that make child feels like teacher is teaching in the classroom.

• Highly recommended option that will save your money and gives tremendous flexibility to learn any time and anywhere you want.

Create a SolidFoundation and love for Mathematics at early age!
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Terrance Harris (Parent): I’m perpetually grateful that I stumbled across Life of Math through a comment on a Facebook post, and signed up my boys, 5 & 7, for the LOF online video course four months ago. They have just completed the first level...and the mathematical ability of my boys has grown immensely over the past four months. My 5 year old has progressed from an inability to add single digits without counting on his fingers to mentally computing long series of double digit addition (sums up to 99) and subtraction with blazing speed and accuracy. Math is now their favorite subject, although they are both of literary bent. Ms. Alpa Patel is a fantastic teacher. Her knowledge of mental mathematics is excellent, she is a clear and amiable communicator, and she encourages the students to perform at their best. My boys find her videos really enjoyable! She has given my boys confidence in their math skills and I have observed real improvement in such a short time. If you want your children to have the proper foundation in mathematics, Life of Math is definitely the place to start. Highly recommend!!!!!
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Lu DeSantis (Parent)
Thank you, Alpa for creating these videos for the kids during this time. Colton watched his and was able to independently work on the math work from home. Video lessons and assignments are very well designed. They were easy to understand and very helpful. Solid figures video lessons are made so carefully with so much details, really got a great visual understanding of Geometry. Lucas and I watched the abacus ones together, which actually helped me! He’s almost completed the level he is on just as he would have if we were still in session- hasn’t missed a beat. The videos are so helpful as they are like having you here as their teacher vs me trying to teach subjects I am not trained to teach :)! It is so convenient and gives freedom to manage our own time.

Mackenzie Baker (Parent)
Few things bring me as much joy as the privilege of educating my children at home. I’m not the world’s best teacher, but I am the one the Lord entrusted with the task, and I am willing & able to rise to the occasion, so long as He continues to allow. I’m grateful that I’m not in it alone, that we’ve been surrounded by such an abundant community of people, blessed with varying gifts, who are willing to come alongside us and offer their wisdom. Today, Bean began his first abacus math book, along with videos due to COVID, from the amazing Alpa Patel with Mental Math Abacus. So far, he’s loving it! We used this program with our girls and the results were phenomenal! We hope all of our children can partake of the same feast as they become ready. Thank you, Alpa, for all of your hard work and dedication to making math fun for every child! You are one of my many heroes!

Emna (Parent)
Thank you so much for the video lessons. They are very interesting, easy to follow and convenient. Firas really enjoyed them and I did too
We also watched the first video of Solid Figures and It is awesome so yes I’m watching too I love Math and like the way you used visuals to captivate the attention even more, and geometry is Firas’ favorite part.
Thank you for your support

Child enjoying LOM's Abacus Video Course
Benefits of the program
 Whole Brain Development Program
 Our kids visualize abacus tool in mind (use the right brain for imagination) while performing math (use left brain for logical/reasoning). In order to boost overall intelligence of the cerebrum, both the right and the left brain must be trained at the same time. Creativity will be at its greatest only when both brains are communicating and cooperating with each other.
 Increase concentration, memory power, imagination at an early age.
 Develop great listening skills.
 Boost child’s confidence when it comes to math at an early age.
 Liking for math improves dramatically. Math becomes fun for kids. Creating a very strong foundation for mathematics.
 Math becomes drawing! Kids love to do math!
Due to above all skills improvements, it provides sense of achievement and that helps in child’s overall academic performance at the later stage. Child can comprehend any subject better.
Video Course Information
General: This course is designed for 4.5 yrs to 13 yrs old kids. This is the prime age to develop mental arithmetic skills. First step towards, whole brain development.

Recommended age group: KG - 5th Grade
Exceptions: We had few middle school kids doing this course work to have better understanding of number systems, to improve speed and improve mental ability to do calculations.

Prerequisite: 4.5 / 5 yr old needs to be able to recognize and write 0-9 before joining this course.


Total Levels: 7

Cost: $159.99 per level

On an average it takes about 4 to 6 months to finish one level of LOM’s Abacus program. It can cost around $650 for our physical classroom or online interactive sessions with live teacher options for 6 months. In video course option, child can play video explanations as many times as needed for better understanding to complete the level. DISCIPLINE is the key for child to be successful in short time when using video courses.

Physical Abacus tool and material: This option is available only for residents of USA.
If you need a physical abacus tool and want us to ship it to you, please add $30 in your first payment along with level fees. This is a onetime buy. Also, if you want us to ship material it will be $40 per level. Shipping is $20. You can opt out of .pdf assignments in place of physical material.

You can use a digital abacus tool in place of physical one. There are free as well as some paid apps that allow you to download Abacus tool. Look for Japanese Soroban.

Make sure you have either physical abacus tool or digital one before you purchase the level. We can recommend some apps if you would like.

WHAT LOM PROVIDES: Every level will come with video lessons and .pdf assignments that you can print. It is recommended to print those assignment pages and have your child work on the assignments with pencil. However you can just display them on screen and child works out in a note book.

Video lessons access time: 4 months to 6 months maximum access will be given per level depending upon the level. If needed more time, an additional charge of $59.99 per month will be applied.

What if my child finish the level before 4 months?: Considering child can finish the level before 4 months, upon request for next level to be opened before 4 months, first level access will be removed and next level will be available once payment is received.

Would I get refund or roll over fees if my child finishes the level before 4 months?
NO. Purpose of video courses is to give total flexibility so child can learn on his or her pace. $159.99 per level is a flat rate for 4 months access to videos per level.

How much involvement is needed from a parent? : Parents need to make a game plan on when child will be working on the video lessons on regular basis. Few kids require parents to sit with them, few are independent worker, and few takes little time to understand how the process works. It is all depend on an individual student. Even in our physical classes or online interactive classes, we have seen a little parents involvement makes a huge difference in child’s success. We DO NOT EXPECT parent to teach, we want them to provide a strong support to their child. We want parent to help child play video lessons, and make sure child does the required assignments.

Can we skip any level or start from higher level: Each level is based on previous level’s skills. Every one starts from level 1.
Payment Terms and Conditions (NO REFUND POLICY)
Refund Policy: NO REFUND in any case. All purchases are final. Whether you use video lessons or .pdf for assignments or not, once you pay there is no refund. Please make sure you go thru video samples attached above before you make a purchase.
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