A Whale's Lantern - Music Collaboration #4
A Whale's Lantern brings people together to collaborate on music in random pairs.

It doesn't matter what kind of music you make or what exactly you can contribute - if you are an instrumentalist, you could play on someone's song, if you are a composer, you could send sheet music, if you're a singer, you can use your voice, etc. All genres, skill levels, and musical backgrounds are welcome!

We have released three collections of songs, "Flight Into The Nebula", "Everything Is Made Of Smaller Parts", and "Field Trip" that are available at awhaleslantern.bandcamp.com

The theme of this project round will be "Portraits" - you can interpret this theme as creatively as you want.

The timeline:
2.3. (or once number of participants has reached 40) - Deadline for signing up
3.3. - Pairs are drawn and communicated
12.5. - Deadline for submitting your song
26.5. - Release Date

As in the previous rounds, the album will be name-your-price, any potential sales will be split equally between the artists (you will need a paypal account for this to work). The rights to the songs stay with you and I will set the licensing information on Bandcamp individually for each song, according to your choices.
Mastering will be done by Mike (arcseconds.net).

For questions, send an email to awhaleslantern@balaena.space or contact me on Mastodon @awhaleslantern@mastodon.art.

To make sure project emails don't end up in your spam folder, please add awhaleslantern@balaena.space to your email address book!

The Whale

The music:

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