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Please report missing or broken pieces below as accurately as possible.

If you want us to expedite your replacements, require a tracking number or are an international customer, we ask that you pay for shipping/tracking here: and use that order number when filling out this form.

If you're looking to buy a game, please visit our online store:
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Please provide your Order number (from our web store) or your Kickstarter Backer number below. Shipping replacements is VERY costly and whilst we will always provide replacement parts for free, we can only guarantee support to US-based customers that purchased directly from us. If you are an international customer or purchased from elsewhere, we would greatly appreciate you paying for the shipment of your replacements by using this link: After purchase, please include your order number here to receive tracking information on your replacement parts.
Replacement Parts *
Please be specific and succinct. Shipping replacements is costly, we would greatly appreciate you double checking you have included all the items you need to allow us to ship them in 1 package. Please consider that all our replacement parts are located in the USA. Based on the your location, shipping costs may apply.
If your package, cards, parts were damaged, it's very helpful for us to have records of that damage. This is not required to submit the form, but based on your submission, we may request pictures. If you'd like to upload your pictures now to, you can then include the URL below so that we have a record of them. We really appreciate it!
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