Smart Kids, Inc.'s Student Tutor Application
Smart Kids, Inc.’s Student Tutor Application

Thank you for your interest in joining Smart Kids, Inc.’s organization to become a Student Tutor. So that we may give your application full consideration, please read and follow carefully the instructions below and complete the entire application in its entirety. Applications are reviewed as they are received, and interviews are on-going year out.

All tutoring sessions associated with Smart Kids, Inc. will begin after: the applications are reviewed; candidates that meet our program requirements, interviewed and completed the Training Seminar will then be placed with a student. Candidates are encouraged to submit their application and all required materials as soon as possible. Applications are only available for download on our website: Candidates applying for more than one subject area should list all areas on their application. Please remember for your commitment to the program, high school students will receive Community Service Hours towards your graduation requirements.

Please be sure to review the last page of application for the G.P.A. Guidelines.

Step 1: Completing the Application
Read and complete this application for the subject area(s) to which you are applying for. The applications will provide you with specific details about our program, should answer your questions about the training that all tutors will have to complete, and the commitment we will expect from them.



Elementary Math/ General Math: K-5 Beginners/ Basic Knowledge
Algebra I & II Microsoft Word/ 10- Key
Geometry I & II Computer Applications
Calculus/ Trigonometry I & II Computer Language:

Microsoft Programs: Excel & Power Point
Windows 10


General Reading: K-5
Reading Literacy: 6-12 Communication Arts:

Language Arts: K-5
Communication Arts: 6-12
Elementary Science: K-5
Biology: 9-12
Chemistry: 9-12
Physics I & II
Anatomy: 9-12 Social Studies:

History: K-5
U.S. History: 9-12
World History: 9-12


Elementary Health: K-5
Educational Health: 6-12 Foreign Language:
English/Spanish: K-5
French: 6-12
Spanish: 6-12
German: 6-12

Step 2: Application Review
Smart Kids, Inc. will review all submitted applications and will schedule interviews with applicants who satisfy the minimum requirements, who appear to meet the demands of the position, or who appears to possess sufficient preparation for the tutoring sessions.
Step 3: Interviewing, Selection and Notification
Candidates will be contacted by Smart Kids, Inc., regarding the status of their application. Those who are selected for interviews will be contacted by phone or e-mail to schedule their interview time.

Requirements and Restrictions:

These requirements apply to all “Students Tutors” and “Tutor Facilitators.”

1. Students must have received a grade of "C+" or better in the course(s) they will tutor (or comparable courses) and should have a cumulative GPA of at least a 2.5.

2. Students cannot be failing any subjects and/or classes; must be in good academic standing (not on academic probation).

3. Students must have patience, dedication, and understanding when tutoring future students. Must conduct yourself in a profession manner when in a tutor environment.

4. Students agree to abide by all Smart Kids Policies, Procedures, Rules, and Regulations (please see employee handbook).

Additional information specific to paid positions and credit/service opportunities is given below:

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Personal Information
Please answer the following questions about yourself.
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Current/Permanent Address: *
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Failure to provide "accurate answers" to the next two questions will terminate your application from Smart Kids, Inc. permanently.
Please read and answer the following questions below.
Have you in the past or currently have any criminal case pending against you (excluding minor violations)? *
Do you or have you in the past, have any child: abuse, neglect, endangerment or punishment cases against you? *
Education Background
Please answer the following questions pertaining to your education background.
Current Grade Level *
Name, address, and phone number of current high school or college/university? *
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Major/Minor: *
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Expected date of graduation (month/year): *
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Please tell us your availability.
The Tutor Me Program runs from Monday - Friday, 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm. All sessions are 1 hour long. We ask that you can dedicate at least 2 hours of your time per week. *
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Subject area(s) that you wish to tutor: *
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Additional subject area(s): *
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Ethnicity (for statistical purposes): *
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How did you hear about the Smart Kids, Inc.? *
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Upon completion:
Upon completion, please send all attachments with you at orientation, which will be held at:

Smart Kids, Inc.
11520 St. Charles Rock Road,
Suite 101
Bridgeton, MO 63044

If you should have any questions and/or comments, please feel free to email us at:
Or give us a call at 314-884-1486.

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