[GB] ErgoTravel Round 1
After running 2 phases of Beta Testing to make sure that the keyboard is well designed and works well, making a few design changes and running 1 Round of Interest Check for the ErgoTravel, now is the time for getting orders in.

All 4 PCB Plates options will be fabricated. Pricing for the base kit will depend on the option selected and the Order Quantity for each option. The Interest Check indicated that there is enough interest for each to be able to reach the MOQ of 10 boards for each option. This is the max price indicated in the form below. The actual prices will be updated in the reddit post.

The design of the Acrylic Cases is not complete. As such, they are not yet being offered. They are still being designed and tested. Please indicate your interest and a separate form will be created to order the Acrylic case once we have completed the design. If the design isn't complete and fully tested by the time this first round of Group Buy ends, you will be able to modify your order.

This order form will be open until July 6th. Invoices will be sent the following week. Orders will then be placed to the different vendors.

Since some items have longer expected delivery times than others, I don't expect to start shipping until mid September. I will update everyone on the status once the orders are placed and also once items are starting to come in.

The form may be updated with clarifications and better pictures after it opens.

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