2019-2020 Prozdor Sofit Registration
Mazel tov on making it to Sofit--your final year of Prozdor! We are so proud of you and your lifetime of Jewish educational achievements. But first...you just need to fill out this quick form below and submit. You will receive an e-mail confirmation within 48 hours.

The following are the opportunities available to 12th graders for 2019-20:

1. 4 hours Sunday (full-year)
2. 4 hours Sunday (half-year --> fall or spring semester)
3. 2 hours Sunday (full-year)
4. 2 hours Sunday (half-year --> fall or spring semester)
5. Gateways volunteering for Prozdor course credit (separate application --> now closed)*
6. Jewish Teen Foundation of Greater Boston/JTFGB (separate application process--please be in touch directly with Leah Goldstein at lgoldstein@hebrewcollege.edu or 617-559-8803)*
7. A limited number of Sunday TA positions may be available for students who choose options 1-4. This requires a separate conversation with specific Prozdor faculty and Leah Goldstein.*
*You can do Gateways, JTFGB, and/or TA while also coming for regular Sunday classes.

Please note:

1. Applications received by August 23 will receive a $100 discount on tuition.
2. There is a sibling discount ($50 per sibling).
3. Tuition rates included in program selections below.
4. Financial Aid is still available. To download the form go to: https://hebrewcollege.edu/programs/prozdor/dates-rates/
5. The course book and login credentials to sign up for classes will be available after August 19.

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