UCSB McNair Scholars Program Application
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Getting Started
Thank you for your interest in applying to the UCSB McNair Scholars Program. Below you will find some instructions for how to apply. Please read them carefully.

You can start and submit your application and then go back and edit it anytime before the deadline but you have to save it first. Once the deadline arrives, no editing will be allowed.

Some sections have questions that require detailed, thoughtful answers. We suggest you compose your answers in advance, using a text editor or word processor, and then paste the answer into the form when you are ready. This is strongly recommended so that you do not lose your work.

Please do not apply formatting to your answers such as bold, italic or text alignment. HTML of any kind will be stripped.

After the deadline, you may not make any more edits or changes. Once the deadline arrives, we will begin the review process.
Before you begin your application, please verify that you are eligible for the program.
- Low Income (https://www2.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ope/trio/incomelevels.html) & First Generation (neither parent completed a 4-year degree)
- Underrepresented Minority (African American, Hispanic-Latino, Native American and Alaskan, Pacific Islander/Native Hawaiian)

You will also need to collect some items and information for each section. Please see the checklist below.

1) McNair Scholars Program Application
2) Unofficial transcripts by email
3) Copy of Financial Aid Form (FAFSA or SAR) by email
4) Typed responses to three questions
5) Two letters of recommendation by email
6) Signed applicant contract on the last page
More Details
-Personal information about yourself
-UCSB Perm #
-Last quarter and cumulative GPA
-Prospective graduate field of interest

-Information for two recommenders including their email and phone number
-You are held responsible for contacting them and requesting that they email their letter to mcnair@mcnair.ucsb.edu by the deadline.

-Highest grade completed for mother and father
-College degree earned, if any, by mother and father

TRANSCRIPTS AND SAR/FAFSA - Email mcnair@mcnair.ucsb.edu
-PDF of your unofficial transcript off GOLD
-PDF of your most recent Student Aid Report (SAR) or FAFSA

-If you are dependent, you will need your parent's previous 1040, 1040-A, or 1040-EZ form, depending on what they filed
-If you are independent, you will need your previous year 1040, 1040-A, or 1040-EZ, depending on what you filed

-Name, relationship, address, and phone number for two additional contacts

-For this section you will need to be prepared to answer the following two prompts:
1) Do you intend to study abroad, take a quarter off, or participate in any other activity that would keep you away from the McNair Scholars Program in the coming two years? If so, please explain. (approx. 150 words);
2) Have you applied to/or are you part of another undergraduate research program at UCSB (RISE, EUREKA, UC LEADS, FRAP, etc.)? (approx. 150 words)

-For this section, you will need to be prepared to answer the following prompt: Please describe prior research experiences, including what work you did and completed, name of the program, institution, year, faculty mentor or advisor, and what you did and complete. (approx. 150 words)

-For this section you will need to be prepared to answer the following three prompts:
1)Describe your family and educational background/history. How have these experiences affected your educational aspirations and career goals? (approx. 300 words)
2)What are your reasons for pursuing the doctoral degree? Describe why you should be selected for participation in this program and what you expect to gain from the McNair Scholars Program experience. (approx. 400 words)
3)The McNair research experience is stimulating, challenging and demanding. What are your expectations of this experience? What research fields and topics are of most interest to you? (approx. 400 words)

Please contact us at 805 893-3615 or mcnair@mcnair.ucsb.edu if you have any questions.
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