Elda Elementary - Report an Absence
* This form must be filled out on the date of the absence or before. Please do not fill out on a date AFTER the absence.

Each time you fill out this form, it counts as one parent note. If you have a doctor's note, please send that in with your student when he/she returns to school. Students may have up to 5 parent notes a semester. After that, absences are considered unexcused without a doctor note. Thank you!
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Date of Absence *
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Homeroom Teacher
Grade *
Reason For Absence (If this is for a vacation, please list ALL dates and let the teacher know ahead of time. You do not need individual responses for each day of vacation. Thanks!) *
Parent/Guardian Name *
Per handbook policy, students may have 5 "parent notes" per semester. After 5 parent/guardian notes, written documentation from a treating physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant stating the day(s) absent and reason for such absences is required. Please confirm that you understand this policy. Thank you! *
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