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This form is an additional registration as a 👷‍♀️ VOLUNTEER for:

⏱️ 24-26 June 2022
🏰 Cracow, Poland
🌐 http://www.portal10.pl/
🌐 https://fb.me/e/rFJRiZeF5

Thank you for being interested in helping to create this event! We appreciate you donating your time and skill to Portal 10. We will strive to make this experience fun and entertaining for everyone, while creating a community of invested individuals.  As a volunteer you will have time off (depending on the amount of hands on deck) and will be asked to help us for example in checking in attendees, assisting speakers and preparing the space for workshops. If you're up for that - join us!

Hope to see you in June!

0048 518584244

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What tasks are a definite "no" to you? *
Think: cleaning a spill, plugging in electronical appliances, caring for the resident monsters...
Do you have a general idea what your availability will be like? *
We will need help Friday: 12:00-22:00, Saturday 8:00-22:00, Sunday 8:00-20:00.
What size of t-shirts do you wear? *
Do you have any dietary requirements? *
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We can't definitely promise we will be able to give you your preferred time of day, but we will try our best.
Do you report any TRIGGERS to the organizers?
Do you need assistance with finding a sleeping place during Portal? *
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Do you have a driving license or will be coming by car?
Is there anyone you'd rather not work with?
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That's all :) Warm greetings from the Portal Team Poland 💜
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