ONE DAY SLS COURSE! Squadron Leadership School (SLS); Sunday May 6th @ LIGHQ Holbrook, NY

Sunday May 6th 8:30am-430pm

Long Island Group Headquarters
1600 Lincoln Ave
Holbrook NY 11741

$25.00 per person

Breakfast and lunch, refreshments will be provided!

Squadron Leadership School (SLS) is designed to (1) enhance a senior member’s performance at the squadron level and (2) to increase understanding of the basic function of a squadron and how to improve squadron operations.
Prerequisites for attendance are completion of Level I and enrollment in one or more specialty tracks.

Objectives. Upon completion of the school, members should be able to:
(1) Understand the basic expectations associated with being a CAP member; commit to serving as a staff officer or NCO.
(2) Develop an appreciation for the essential role squadrons play in CAP; acquire practical knowledge necessary for serving as a staff officer.
(3) Comprehend the leadership attitudes and skills necessary for serving effectively as a squadron staff officer.

For further information contact:

1st Lt Rachel Silverberg Director
1st Lt Tina Vanek Co-Director

Uniform of the Day (UOD): CAP golf shirt/gray pants combo
Forms: CAPF17 required

This class will be comprised of ONE DAY of on-site classes, details of which will be emailed to the students once registered.

2.1 Officership and the Public Trust
2.2 Introduction to Professional Development
3.1 Squadrons: The Heart of CAP
3.2 Squadron Staff Officers
3.3 Individualized Training in Staff Specialties
4.1 Introduction to Leadership
4.2 The Staff Officer as Communicator
4.3 Creative Thinking & Problem Solving

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