Request a Callback from Web Widget Limited Availability
The Zendesk Talk and Web Widget teams have joined forces to bring you an exciting new feature -- Request a Callback, now in limited availability.
What's this all about?
With Request a Callback from Web Widget, surface your customer service phone number and wait time to your customers and allow them to request a callback when an agent is available. It's a great way to provide transparent customer service and manage call volume.
Who should sign up for this Limited Availability program?
We are releasing this feature as Limited Availability with a progressive rollout. This enables us to better regulate the rollout and to ensure stability of the feature as we scale usage. Signing up allows you to register your interest and to be placed at the top of the waitlist for these features.This limited availability program is best suited for Talk customers that are already using the Web Widget. We also welcome Talk customers to sign up that want to try the Web Widget for the first time. Web Widget setup is quick and easy
This being a limited availability program, are there limitations with the product?
No, all existing Web Widget functionality should be available and unaffected.
Are these features available to all Zendesk Talk customers?
Request a Callback is available to customers on the Talk Professional, Advanced and Enterprise plans.

Call Us (display phone number) is available to customers on the Talk Professional, Advanced, Enterprise, Team and Basic plans

What will change with this limited availability program?
You will see a new Talk toggle on the Web Widget Admin page where you can turn on Talk in your Web Widget. You will also see a new Widget tab in your Talk admin page where you can configure the Request a Callback or Call Us features in the Web Widget.

Once configured and enabled, when your agents are available, your customers will be able to request a callback and/or view your phone number in the Web Widget.

What is the agent and admin experience like?
When your customer submits a callback request, it will go into your call queue like any other call and is routed based on the configuration you have set. Once an agent is available this is offered to them like any other call. The agent gets the option to call the customer instead of accepting the call.
Can I limit where I try Talk in the Web Widget on my site?
Once enabled on your account, and you have configured Talk in the Web Widget, the features will appear in the Web Widget for any subdomain where you have enabled Talk in the Web Widget and agents from the relevant group are online.
What is expected of me during the limited availability program?
There are a few things we ask of you at this stage:
1. Provide feedback
2. Report any bugs
3. Be open to working closely with us
Ok i'm ready, what happens next?
1. Complete this form and then you will be added to the limited availability wait list.
2. We will enable wait list customer accounts in waves. You will be notified by email once you are enabled, and then you can start to configure Talk in the Web Widget in Support.
3. Let us know what you find
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