Wellness Group Leader Application
Let's Heal Together
The Wellness Ministry of Abundant Life exists to see lives changed by Jesus by pursuing healing and personal growth in community. Thank you for your interest in serving alongside us!

After one or two weeks to review your application and contact your references, Emily Duggan PLPC, our Wellness Group Leader, will contact you to schedule an interview. If approved, we will begin working to set up your Wellness Group for the start of the following semester.

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Are you a member of Abundant Life?
Have you completed Discipleship 1?
Are you currently participating in an Offsite Group?
What are the names of your Offsite Group Leaders?
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What ministries do you serve in?
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Values of Abundant Life Wellness Leaders
I am emotionally healthy. This does not mean I am perfect, but I have an emotional and relational wellness as shown by healthy relationships in my personal, work and ministry life.
I will embrace the opportunity to work on a team with other Wellness Group Leaders and participate in group training.
I understand my Wellness Group will not operate as a silo ministry, but will function as an extension of the Wellness Ministry and the greater ministry of Abundant Life.
I am teachable and open to supportive feedback. This includes feedback from a member of the Wellness Ministry Leadership Team that may sit in my group at anytime without prior notice.
I agree to protect each participant's confidentiality by not sharing their stories without their permission.
I agree to propose curriculum to the Wellness Leadership Team for approval.
Please share your own growth story as it relates to the wellness group you desire to lead. Why do you want to lead this group?
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Please provide the names and contact numbers of two people that have known you for at least two years and would recommend you for this ministry.
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What We Provide
- Advertising through the Abundant Life Wellness Website: https://abundantlifels.com/wellness/
- Semester advertisements through church bulletin announcements & Group Connect
- Leadership training
- Organization of registration & curriculum
- Rooms for groups to run 8-12 weeks on a semester schedule. Exceptions are made for addiction based groups that have the option of running year-long.
Thanks again. We will contact you soon!
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