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Springtime in the Rockies
Eligibility: To apply for this opportunity at the Montana Learning Center at Canyon Ferry Lake, all applicants must meet the following requirements:
1) be a U.S. citizen (This is only required for our tour of Boeing Helena.)
2) be a teacher within the K-5 formal setting of STEAM subject(s) at a school in Montana

Any questions regarding this opportunity should be directed to

Previous Experience
Did you attend a previous Springtime in the Rockies or STEAM in the Rockies conference featuring SAE's A World in Motion in the past?
Those applicants who have not attended in the past will be given preference to participate in Springtime in the Rockies.
Personal Information
Participant Name
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Preferred Email Address
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School Information
School Name
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School Mailing Address
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Zip Code
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Grades Taught
Check all that apply.
Subjects Taught
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Indicate if you will be staying Friday night at the MLC.
Plan on bringing a pillow, sleeping bag, and any towels that you may need.
Indicate the meals that you plan on eating at the MLC.
This is so that we can plan accordingly. Check all that apply.
Indicate any food allergy.
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SAE's A World in Motion Kits Explored
Rolling Things (Primary level)
Students explore the story The Three Little Pigs' Sledding Adventure during which they will study toy cars and vehicle performance. Launching the cars from ramps, the students investigate the effects of different ramp heights and car weights have on distance traveled, then measuring and recording data gathered through testing.

Making Music (Primary level)
Students explore sound and vibrations in this challenge through the story Sleep Soundly at Beaver's Inn. They learn how the human eardrum works and explore concepts such as pitch and longitudinal and transverse waves. Students collect information through hand­s-on lessons and engineer a musical instrument.

Teaching STEAM
How comfortable are you teaching hands-on lessons?
Not Comfortable
Very Comfortable
Please rank (1 – 4, with 1 being at the top of your list) the following activities in terms of how you see yourself when it comes to working with a team in solving a problem.
1. One who comes up with creative ideas; 2. One who engages in the hands-on activities; 3. One who documents the steps in solving the problem; 4. One who presents the results to others
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What do you hope to achieve by participating in this workshop?
Write in paragraph form, and place an emphasis on your response here.
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