Call for contributions: universities and EU research funding
As member of EUA, you are invited to join EUA’s campaign for an ambitious EU research and innovation funding programme for the post-2020 period. EUA carries out a series of activities in the framework of its advocacy campaign, which are articulated around the following key points:
- stronger collaboration and reduced discrepancies across the EU
- stronger alignment of policies for education, research and innovation
- ending the underfunding of excellence: ambitious funding and enhanced efficiency

The collection will provide EUA with the stories that the sector wishes to tell EU and national decision-makers, inspired by institutional strategies, good practices and lessons learnt. It will support EUA advocacy activities promoting sound research policies, sustainable and simple funding instruments and effective regulations.
The collection will also support a broad dissemination of illustrative cases via projects, events and other communication activities with the aim to promote the sector’s views on the above.

Participation modalities:
• All EUA members are eligible to contribute to the collection of cases throughout the EUA campaign towards FP9.
• Several contribution rounds will be announced, with cut-off dates for submissions. The first cut-off date is 30 November 2017.
• Contributions should follow the suggested structure, in order to facilitate comparison, categorisation and possible publication.
• For any questions, please contact:

It is necessary to log in to a Gmail account to fill in the questionnaire. However, no account data is made visible to EUA. Only the email address indicated in the first question below can be used by EUA for follow-up needs.

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Your contribution:
Provide here an account of your experience with EU research funding. Please explain in particular the added value of EU research funding, if obtained, and comment on the related challenges and lessons learnt. The contribution should highlight the problematic issues and/or showcase good practice, as well as share some recommendations on future EU research funding that could be relevant to the EU policy makers and/or to the sector.
Recommendations for FP9:
Please detail here, based on the experience described above, the most important lessons and recommendations to take on board for the design of the next EU framework programme for research & innovation.
Can the examples provided be publicly used (in presentations, reports, communication by EUA)?
Please indicate here any relevant material:
Such as: hyperlink to project, institution website, any material available online of interest and linked to the contribution
Please upload one picture representing either the project(s) referred to in the contribution or your institution.
By uploading the file (in high definition), you allow EUA to use this material for communication purposes (via channels such as the EUA newsletter, EUA social media, and PPT presentations) in the framework of its campaign "EU funding for universities".
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