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Welcome to Lincoln Youth Football & Cheer Club!
Additional Required Documents
Registration Form
- Completed form must be signed by Parent or Legal Guardian
- League Age (Age as of Sept 1)

Medical History Form
- If any questions are answered YES, must describe problem for proper treatment on back of form.

Concussion Form

Copy of Original Birth Certificate

Current Physical (dated with Current Year)

Copy of Drivers License from Parent or Legal Guardian

Waiver / Exemption Form:
- Waiver / Exemption form only required if the participant (a) lives outside of the Lincoln Consolidated School District or who lives within the district but attends a outside of our district.

Payment of Registration Fee
You can visit our Square Store 24/7 to pay your registration online or visit one of our scheduled registration dates. Please check our Facebook page or website at for upcoming dates.
Please select your preferred team: *
Disclaimer: The LYFCC Board would like to reserve the right to make changes to the team selected based on registration across all teams. If such changes need to be made, the LYFCC Board will contact you prior to the change being made. League age is determined by the age of the participant on September 1.
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What school / school district does the participant attend? *
Please select which Lincoln school the participant currently or will attend. If they do not attend Lincoln schools, please select Other and type in the school they attend.
Did you play for Lincoln Youth Football & Cheer last year? *
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