KS3 SEN Pupil Evaluation
2016-17 Evaluation - May/June 2017
There is good support in school if I want it?
I know who some the TA's are in my school
I know which teachers to ask for extra help in school
I am confident to ask for help in school
I know who to ask for for help in the school
I have a pupil passport
I was involved in making my pupil passport
I think that the teachers used the information in my passport to help me
What type of support did you find helped you the most this year?
I got help in school this year- tick the ones that apply to you
Did you use any of the clubs provided this year? Tick the ones that you went to
The support in school has helped my learning
Do you think that you get enough support in school?
Do you think you need more help in school?
What do you need more help with?
What do you think there the best things about the LRC or the supports in school this year?
Your answer
If you could change something about the LRC or the supports in school what would you improve?
Your answer
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