Distance Learning Survey: FAMILIES
Survey for E-Learning
What grade(s) was your scholar(s) in last school year (2019-2020)? (Please check all that apply for multiple scholars) *
How successful was distance learning for you and your scholar(s)? *
During the week, how many days did your scholar do school work at home? *
During the week, how many days did your scholar(s) participate in live video conferencing with his/her teacher(s)? *
During E-Learning, my scholar’s E-Learning assignments were: (Select one) *
Please tell us about your scholar’s teachers’ instructions and guidance during E-learning.(Select one) *
Please select which best described your situation regarding food during distance learning *
How strongly do you agree or disagree with the following statements? *
My scholar’s teachers were responsive to my scholar’s social and emotional needs
My scholar received adequate instruction from teachers to support assigned work
My scholar knew what schoolwork was expected to be completed each day
My scholar was receiving regular feedback on the schoolwork she/he submitted
My scholar had opportunities to connect and interact with classmates during e-learning
My scholar was motivated to complete the schoolwork he/she was assigned
I was supported by my scholar’s teacher(s) and/or school during distance learning
My scholar had reliable access to a device they need to complete assignments and communicate with teacher(s) (e.g., laptop, tablet)
My scholar has reliable Internet access (Wi-Fi) that allowed them to complete assignments and communicate with teacher(s)
Catalyst provided parents with advice and resources to support my scholar’s social and emotional needs
Catalyst did a good job keeping me informed about distance learning
During E-Learning: Please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements. *
I received consistent messaging about the Catalyst Maria E Learning Program and expectations
The information I received was in a language I could easily understand
I received too much information and was overwhelmed
The information I received was too complex for me to understand
During E-Learning, my scholar’s teacher(s) communicated with my scholar or my family: *
Do you plan to keep your scholar at home for E-Learning during the 2020-2021? *
Why did you answer the way you did to the above question?I think she needs to be in school receiving instruction. *
Thinking about returning to school next fall, please rank the following factors in order of importance to you ( #1 is most important and #10 is least important) *
Health- Minimizing health risks
Choice- Being able to choose how my scholar engages in learning (ie. distance learning or in-person)
Scholar Care- Ensuring I have scholar care so that I can return to work
On Campus Learning- Maximizing in-person learning for my scholar
Mental Health- Providing the mental health support that my scholar needs
Social Interaction- Ensuring my scholar is able to connect with friends and peers in person
Athletics/Extracurriculars- Being able to have my scholar participate in athletics and extracurriculars
Real Time Instruction Online- Having more live/real time instruction online instead of pre-recorded videos
Flexibility of Scheduling- Having more flexibility so that my scholar can participate in either AM or PM sessions
Start of School Year- Starting school as soon as possible
If we resume “in-person” school in August, would the following make you feel very comfortable, comfortable less comfortable, or neutral in sending your scholar to school (please note that this list does not include everything we are exploring - but does include precautions that we may have the ability to put into place consistent with state guidance) *
Feel very comfortable
Less Comfortable
Staff and scholars wearing masks
Arrival system that includes no-touch temperature checks before scholars and staff enter the building
Enforcing 6 foot social distancing
Breakfast and lunch in classrooms instead of large spaces
Reducing physical contact by eliminating handshakes, hugs and high-fives between scholars and staff
Establishing a quarantine space for anyone showing symptoms. Once the symptomatic individual leaves, the room would be sanitized per CDC guidelines prior to further use.
We are planning for the possibility that our program will include some form of distance learning in the next school year. Which aspects of our current distance learning program should we continue to offer? all *
What are your biggest concerns with the way the distance learning program ran last year? What specific suggestions do you have to address these concerns next year? *
How helpful would the following types of learning supports be for you and your scholar? *
Not helpful
N/A- this is not relevant to me
Guidance on which tasks or assignments to prioritize each day
A summary on needs to have learned and completed to be on track for the next grade level
Someone who can provide help or support on assignments when questions arise
Help with understanding my scholar’s schedule
In which area(s) could you use additional support or information about resources at this time? Please select all that apply. *
Our distance learning model focused on providing instructional videos for scholars to watch. Should we shift our instructional approach from “watching instructional videos” to “live instruction” (where the teacher is teaching in real time via an online video conference)? *
Please provide us with any additional thoughts/suggestions/comments that will help support a smooth transition into the 2020-2021 school year (whether that be in person, a hybrid method, or full distance learning model)
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