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Please review the UCET Call for Presenters Guide found here http://lsurl.me/14PSK before submitting your presentation proposal for the UCET conference below. The UCET 2019 Conference will be held at Utah Valley Convention Center on Tuesday, March 5, and Wednesday, March 6, 2019. Call for presentations will close December 22.
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Session Format
Ignite! In 5 minutes and with 20 images come and inspire teachers! Not a vendor showcase.
Over the Shoulder (OTS): 20-minutes Focus on specific solution, tool or content provider
Lecture: Hour-long Traditional
Panel: Hour-long Moderator and 2-3 panelists
BYOD (Bring Your Own Device): Hour-long Hands on activities
Interactive Lecture: Hour-long Some activities for audience participation
Playground: 2-hour hands-on interactive session with significant participation.
Poster Session:  2-hour, informal, demonstration-style presentation interacting one on one or with small groups and features specific projects, practices, or technology tools. Presenters are encouraged to display a relevant poster.

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General Information
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Please use Title Case and NOT all capitals. 10-Word Limit
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Please provide an accurate, enticing description for use on the conference website. 250-word limit
Please list the website where your session handouts and resources can be located.
Exhibitor Sponsored Session - Is your presentation being sponsored by a company or organization that will be exhibiting at UCET Conference? If yes, name the company or organization. Otherwise, leave blank.
Commercial Presentation - UCET recognizes that many sessions focusing on the integration or application of specific technologies may encompass commercial products. This is acceptable provided they are appropriately labeled. If one or more of the presenters represents or was recruited to present by a for-profit company whose products or services are being discussed, please check the box below.
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Are you willing to repeat your session?
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Presenter Dates - Please select the date on which you prefer to present.
If you have a particular scheduling constraint or any other information regarding your session that you would like to share with the program review committee, describe it here.
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If you indicated above that any devices were required or recommended for your session, list any software, applications, or accounts participants should have on their devices in order to participate in your session (including download URLs, if applicable).
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You may list up to three presenters.
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List the qualifications and experience with topic for all presenters associated with this session. Be sure to include any previous presentations on this or similar topics.
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