Peterborough Pride Parade Participation Application
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Join us on September 22nd, 2018 at 2 pm as we celebrate our diversity, our passion and our pride!

We ask all participating groups to register by September 14th in order to assist our planning process and those with floats/vehicles to arrive 1 hour before the parade starts.

Who Needs to Register?
Any community groups or organizations who wish to march as a group and all vehicles or floats must be registered in order to participate in the Peterborough Pride Parade.

Peterborough Pride retains the right to refuse any application, without liability, that does not support the Pride mission, vision, and values or for other fair and valid reasons.

Are There Any Fees?
No. There are no fees associated with participating in the Pride Parade.

What to do as a Registered Group?
We encourage people who are registered as a group to carry a banner or wear distinctive clothing that identifies them.

Pride does not authorize groups or individuals to hand out information or advertising that promotes your organization or services during the parade.

All messaging must be inclusive of our diverse communities. No incitement of hatred or discrimination will be condoned. All participants must operate consistent with the Peterborough Pride “Mission and Values” statements which can be reviewed here:

What are the Requirements for Vehicles?
The driver of any vehicle participating in the parade must have a valid Ontario Driver’s license of the class appropriate to the vehicle, and appropriate insurance, available for presentation at all times on the day of the parade. Drivers unable to produce a valid license or insurance will not be permitted to drive in the parade.

Application Deadline: Friday September 14th, 2018
Questions? Please contact:
Detailed instructions for parade day will be provided to accepted applicants

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Terms and Conditions
The applicant agrees to operate at the Peterborough Pride Parade 2018 in a manner consistent with the celebration of pride and positive values of diversity in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, intersex, queer, questioning and 2 spirited communities.

The applicant has read and agrees to operate in a manner consistent with the Pride “Mission and Values” statements on the Pride website (

The applicant agrees to assume responsibility for ensuring that those participating in their group will also operate in the manner described above.

The applicant and the collective individuals this application represents, waive, discharge, and save harmless, Peterborough Pride, its committee members and volunteers, The City of Peterborough, and all other insureds, OF AND FROM ALL claims, demands, damages, costs, or expenses in respect to death, injury, loss or damage to persons or property.

I have READ, UNDERSTOOD and AGREE to the terms and conditions of this application. (Type in your name(s) to acknowledge) *
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