Adelia Elle's Brand Ambassador Program
Hello, welcome to Adelia Elle's team! Please fill in this form so Adelia can send over the Eco Pads and The One.
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Branding Requirements from Adelia (Unless we agreed for you to model without posting)
šŸŒ± Please include @adelia_elle for your IG post
šŸŒ± Please include #adeliaskincare, #giftedbyadelia, and #skincarereview
šŸŒ± Please show product clearly in your post
šŸŒ± Speak to your authentic experience using this product
šŸŒ± Include at least one benefit or key message of the product in your own voice
šŸŒ± Mention any promotions if available
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Global Licensing
You are opted into Adelia's global licensing, which means any asset you submit can be used by the brand on any of their digital marketing channels. By accepting, you agree to provide any asset associated to this brand for marketing use.
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