Engineering Expo "Scavenger Hunt" (Form 4)
This activity will encourage students to look into Engineering Expo videos they may not have otherwise looked at and will ask the student a question about the material they have watched. Complete for a prize!
Watch "Pfefferkorn_Frank_Optical_Microscope": How do you think other writing utensils would smear on the paper like in the experiment? *
Watch "MRSEC- Nylon Rope Trick": What did you think of demo shown in the video? *
Watch "Biomedical Engineering Design: Lung Function and COVID-19": What muscle pushes and pulls around the lungs to make you breathe? *
Watch "Biomedical Engineering Society-Biomechanics": What are the three types of muscles? Can you give an example of each? *
Watch "SSSCR- Pluripotent Stem Cell Demonstration": What is the first step to preparing pluripotent STEM cells in a labratory? *
Watch "Engineers Without Borders_The Drone": Why is it important to take the time to think about your problem to solve it? *
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