Letters of Love Senior Community Partner Application
Do you work at a senior home, community or center? Want your seniors to receive anonymous, uplifting cards written by strangers from around the globe?

Aha! You've come to the right place to request Letters of Love for your seniors! Upon approving your application, you'll become part of our network of more than 1,000 senior communities. Our campus chapters regularly write letters, and they may choose your facility to write to– in which case, they'll reach out!

You'll also receive a link to a form so you can request letters from our HQ whenever you'd like (free, in any quantity at any time! We exist to serve). Please note that only our chapters will be mailing out letters after December 31, 2021, so you will no longer be able to get on-demand letters from our HQ.

We can't wait to bring you on board so we can start sending your seniors letters of love!

Note: the email you include in this application must be your work email.

Already been approved? Email us at letters@loveforourelders.org for the link to the letter request form!
Email *
Your name *
Please enter your name with proper capitalization and a space between your first and last name. Example: Jane Doe
Phone *
Name of senior facility *
Example: Sunny Creek Assisted Living
Attn: _______ *
Please write "Attn: (name of person/title to receive and distribute letters)"
First line of facility's address *
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Second email contact *
We like to establish long-term relationships with our senior facility network! Down the line, in case we can't get in touch with you or you become no longer employed by your current senior facility, we like to have a second contact person. This email must be different than the email you already provided. We'd prefer a generic email like contact@myfacility.org; if no such email exists, provide the email of a coworker.
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