7/16 Gantry Plaza State Park Paddle, Volunteer and Student Registration:
A fun open community paddling day at Gantry Plaza State Park. 

Gantry Plaza State Park dock.
HarborLAB Leader: Laura Picallo
930am: Set up.
11am-2PM: Tour loops. Last boats go out at 1:40PM.
2-330pm: Pack away.

EV Parking: 123-60 83rd Ave, Queens, NY 11415
DC Fast Charging: Court Square Municipal Garage, 
We need EV drivers. Clean license, 25 and over.

We'll send detailed set up plans by Friday morning to all registrants. Thanks!

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Do you agree to be fully vaccinated and boosted for COVID-19 before the event unless prevented by a medical condition, in which case you'll remain masked when in close proximity during the event? *
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Do you agree to these safety notes? Current CV-19 protocols. Do not lean but rather remain centered in the boat. No horseplay (the same rules apply to candidates as to the kids we serve). No alcohol, smoking, or recreational drugs. Stay within the designated area. Program leaders' instructions must be followed immediately as you might not be aware of some dangers. Please convey any safety concerns, relevant medical conditions, or ailments immediately to a HarborLAB program leader. During the cleanup please leave anything heavy, sharp, weird, or gross and we’ll report the item to authorities for proper disposal. Focus on light plastics. Each volunteer and student should be on the lookout for signs of people being unable to safely participate due to chemical impairment or emotional/mental state and should immediately report such a condition to the program leader. *
Do you agree to wear your life vest fully clipped and zipped at all times in and near the water and agree to make all reasonable efforts to ensure the public does too? *
Do you have medical conditions that HarborLAB should know about to effectuate a rapid response? If so, please describe here. *
Shift 1: Do you agree to help set up? Short-handed set ups are very stressful.
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Shift 2: Do you agree to help pack away? We can't leave a couple of people struggling with this work.
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Could you serve as part of the table crew (waiver signing, literature distribution)? *
Could you serve as part of the beach/dock crew (helping people get in and out of boats)? *
Could you serve as part of the on-water crew (rescuing capsized boaters, shepherding people within the program area, giving paddling and safety direction, telling people when their turn in the boat is over)? *
Could you serve as part of the life vest fitting crew (ensuring straps are pulled snug and all clips and zippers are fastened)? *
Could you serve as a line manager (ensuring an orderly and fair procession from the desk to the beach)? *
Do you agree to arrive prepared for this outdoor activity? Required items: Sturdy footwear (no flip flops), quick-drying clothing (nylon, Lycra, etc. rather than cotton or wool), a full, reusable water bottle (we avoid one-use bottles, obviously!), light snacks (again, aim to minimize or eliminate plastic packaging), a dry change of clothing, sunblock, sunglasses, hat. Recommended: Dry bags and waterproof phone cases (with lanyards or clips), iNaturalist app, sanitizer gel. *
Do you agree to HarborLAB's statement of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion? "Regardless of ability, ethnicity, spirituality or secular philosophy, immigration status or national origin, sex or gender identity, sexual orientation, race or socioeconomic background everyone should have equal access to the benefits of our waterways and nature as a whole. The volunteers and students of HarborLAB know that people’s access to New York City’s estuary and watershed has historically not been equitable and that inequities persist. So embracing, celebrating, and uplifting diversity and inclusion is fundamental to our organization. Our environmental education and stewardship programs are for everyone, and all should feel warmly welcomed. That is why we foster belonging in the outdoors, recognize the importance of historically significant places, and empower leaders from all communities through partnerships and advancement within our ranks. Everyone has a stake in the protection of our public waterways and keeping the water we love and need healthy for the next generation." *
Do you acknowledge HarborLAB will run background checks on all prospective volunteers against sex offender registries and that inclusion on such lists is disqualifying? *
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