Do you #CommitToResist?
Commit to resist: a unity statement in defense of reproductive rights in Canada

The attack on abortion is escalating in Canada and we are the resistance. Are you with us?

Abortion is our right and no one will take it from us. We will live in a world where every person can access abortion in safety and with support. We commit now, as we have for over 50 years, to defeat any policy or politic that attacks our bodies, our communities, and the rights we have won through decades of resistance.

We commit to fight to make abortion accessible and equal. We commit to fight all political attacks on reproductive rights until we make it unthinkable for our leaders to threaten our autonomy, our health and our rights, in Canada, across the Americas and around the world. Our solidarity crosses borders.

We must unite to fight. Abortion is one frontline in attacks against women, LGBTQ2 folks, migrants, youth, poor folks, people living with disabilities, people of colour. Restricting or denying abortion access has always disproportionately impacted the most marginalized. We will leave no one behind.

Election 2019 is a battleground.

About us:

For 50 years, Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights (formerly Planned Parenthood Canada), alongside feminist activists and allies, forced the laws of this country to change. With the support of hundreds of organizations and our supporters across Canada, we will keep fighting.

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