Healing Justice Podcast Community Visioning
Thank you so much for being part of this community. By listening, by engaging in any of the ways you do, you are already contributing to a river of social & personal transformation that is powering the collective change we need.

WHAT THIS IS FOR: This project has been formulated every step of the way based on who shows up and the feedback we are hearing. Thank you for investing a generosity of time and attention into shaping our growth. What we are becoming, we are becoming together.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Your answers will be read by an internal team at Healing Justice Podcast to inform our understanding of our community's desires, and may be shared publicly in a generalized, aggregated, depersonalized way (i.e. sharing on a future podcast or social media that we learned 10% of our listeners are Midwestern organizers, or most of you shared a certain theme of what you want to hear more of, etc). They will be kept confidential beyond that. You will have an opportunity at the end of the form to let us know if you are okay with your answers being used in any other scenarios.

WHAT TO EXPECT: There are three short sections to this form. Every question is optional -- so feel free to share what you came here to share and leave the rest, or dive in and stay a while. Here we go...

Your experience & feedback
Tell us more about how this project has been useful to you, what you are practicing, and ideas that would make it even more useful in your life and organizing. Your input will inform how we plan for Season 2!
First of all, what's your relationship to us?
What has been most impactful for you about Healing Justice Podcast? What do you love? How have you used it? (tell us a story if you've got one!)
Your answer
Have you tried any of the practices? If so, we'd love to hear how it impacted you and how you use it. Detailed stories welcome - because we do this work with embodied change in mind, this part feels the most important to us! Tell us everything!
Your answer
Would any of the following be super useful for you? We can't (and shouldn't!) do everything, so please help us prioritize.
What do you want to hear more of?
What voice(s) would you love to hear from?
Your answer
What further suggestions, ideas, or feedback do you have that would make this project more useful for you? It could be about the podcast itself, or beyond. Let that imagination come online.
Your answer
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