Mailed Barcode Labels - RLST Fall 2020
Barcode Labels - Available to be Mailed to YOU!

In order to save YOU time in the store during Consignor Check In, we recommend that you pre-label your items with their bar codes BEFORE coming to your Check In appointment.

Depending on the number of items you have, this will literally SAVE YOU an hour or more in our store!

In order to receive your bar codes before Consignor Check In, you must:
1. Click FINISH on your batches by midnight on Sunday, October 25th.
2. Sign up on the form below with your name, consignor number, and mailing address.
**You MUST fill out this form to request your labels. We will not accept requests via email or Facebook.

The requested barcodes will be mailed on Monday, October 26th.

By requesting your bar codes via mail, you will be charged an additional $3.00 postage fee. This will be added to your consignor fee ($11.50 + $3.00 = $14.50) and will be taken out of your consignor check. For consignors who have more than 1 consignor number there will be an additional $1 charge for each additional number.

Consignor Check In Dates
Monday, November 2nd 9am - 8pm
Tuesday, November 3rd 9am - 8pm
**Consignor Check In Appointments are recommended. Please see our Rhea Lana's of South Tulsa Consignor Club for the Appointment Sign Up Link
Please DO NOT fill out this form until you have finished entering all your items, made your donation choice, and clicked "finished" on your batch(es). Please type, "I clicked finish on my batches." *
First and Last Name *
Consignor ID *
Mailing Address (Street, City, State, & Zip) *
I understand and agree that I'll be charged an additional $3.00 postage fee (plus $1 per each additional number) to have my labels mailed to me. *
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