Red Fork Empire Citizenship Application
Greetings, and thank you for your interest.

You are not required to have a persona to be a citizen of the RFE.
If you do not have a persona, answer as imaginative as you would like.
When it is filled out and returned, you will be a citizen of the RFE
Thank you for your interest in the RFE.

- Imperial Clerk
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Email Address *
Your email address
Title *
Usually corresponds with what position you hold within the Empire.  Rest assured there is no hierarchy between citizens.
Real Life Place of Operations
City, State, Country?
Universe of Origin
Which universe did you hail from? Example - Star Wars, Marvel, Planet of the Apes, a non established universe, or one created by you, figuratively or literally.
File Name
The Name of your Alter Persona.
Other names or nicknames your Alter Persona goes by or any names of other personas and characters
Is your identity known to the general populace or is kept hidden?  Many citizens are not known throughout the entire Empire.
What does your Alter Persona do? Example: Soldier, Scientist, Occultist, Hair dresser, Messenger, etc., or nothing at all, possibly a member of Nobility.
Do you currently have citizenship from whence you hail from? If so, where?
Legal Status
Are you a criminal where you are from or have been charged with any criminal activity from somewhere? If so, what?
Place of Birth
Where was your Alter Persona born and when?
Known Relatives
Names of known family members of your Alter Persona and their relation to you?
Martial Status
Is your Alter Persona married, single, divorced, etc?
Base of Operations
Where does your Alter Persona generally do the things they do?
Known Allies
Does your Alter Persona have any associates within or outside of the Empire? If so, who?
Group Affiliation
Does your Alter Persona belong to any group or organization within or outside of the Empire? Are there any groups or organizations you ally yourself with?
Major Enemies
Who are your Alter Persona’s enemies? Archrivals? Or people you generally dislike.
Did your Alter Persona have any schooling? Is so, where?
How tall is your Alter Persona?
How much does your Alter Persona weigh?
What color or type of eyes does your Alter Persona have?
What color or colors of hair does your Alter Persona have?
Distinguishing Features
Does your Alter Persona have any outstanding features? Exampl? Scars, Fur, Blue skin, missing parts, etc.
Does your Alter Persona have any met?human, paranormal, enhanced, mutant, capabilities, with or without the use of devices or machines? Example:  Reflexes, Flight, Energy projection, Mind control, Shapeshifting, etc.
Source of Powers
Where do these abilities originate from? How are they activated? Exampl? A device or machine, Potions, Books, Artifact, Herbs, etc.
What can your Alter Persona do? What type of skills or knowledge does your Alter Persona have? Exampl? Cooking spaghetti with feet, Painting, Air ship navigation, Knowledge of all the minor demons of hell, etc.
What type of weaponry does your Alter Persona carry on them or own?
Does your Alter persona carry any other items of note? If so, what? Exampl? Tools, Pocket watch given by Abe Lincoln, Tachyon particle emitter, etc. 
Fighting Style
How does your Alter Persona fight? Example: Gun-fu, Pugilist, Run and hide, Bruce Lee, Medieval, Slice n dice, Head explody, etc.
Primary Specialty
What is it your Alter Persona does best?
Secondary Specialty
What is it your Alter Persona does second best?
Which of the Caste does your Alter Persona belong too? Refer to the Lexicon in the Archive section of EGO
First Appearance
What year did you join or meet the Emperor?
Web Experience
Do you Have a Website? How about a site you wish to promote?
So that you may be added into the private group RFE Symposium. This will not be put on the RFE website.
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