Stratford Schools Renovation Project - Program Input
The Avon-Maitland District School Board is gathering input on new and possible programs that could be possibly added to our schools for the 2020 school year.

As of today the following programs only reside at SCSS and NOT at SNWSS:
French Immersion, Spanish, Politics, Dance, Vocal Music, Information and Consumer Design (Art), Illustration (Art), International Business, Writer's Craft, Recreation and Healthy Active Living Leadership, Live Technical Productions, New Media and Animation (Tech), Audio and Sound Production (Tech), Movie and Video Production (Tech), Broadcast and Print Production (Tech), Computer Technology (Hardware/Networking), Computer Engineering (Robotics), Fashion, Families in Canada.

Please note that there are 2 Specialist High Skills Major Programs at SCSS: Arts and Communication Technology

As of today the following programs only reside at Stratford Northwestern and NOT at SCSS:
Guitar, Media Arts, Financial Accounting Fundamentals, Financial Accounting Principles, Marketing: Goods, Services, Events, Marketing: Retail and Service, Business Leadership: Management Fundamentals, The Environment and Resource Management, Adventures in World History, Leadership and Peer Support, Environmental Science, Construction Technology: Carpentry, Technological Design, Hospitality and Tourism Technologies, Hospitality and Tourism, Culinary Arts and Management, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Welding, Automotive Service, Heavy Duty and Agricultural Equipment Transportation Technology, Hairstyling Aesthetics.

Please note there are 6 Specialist High Skills Major Programs at Stratford Northwestern:
Transportation, Manufacturing, Hospitality and Tourism, Health and Wellness, Environment, Energy

Also, senior students at both schools can enroll in "dual credit" programs working in partnership with local colleges (Lambton, Fanshawe, Conestoga). Courses available to students vary year to year (i.e. Hairstyling, Bakeshop Applications Criminology, Chainsaw Applications etc...)

Some example of additional programming ideas may include:
More languages other than English and French
Outdoor Education courses

We appreciate your input !

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