Holiday Club 'Xpress October 28th - 30th, 10am-3pm for 5-11yrs old.
If you would like to register your child for the Half term club please fill in the form below and pay a £10 deposit by bank transfer or by cash delivered to the reception at Westbourne Park Baptist Church, Porchester Road, London W2 5DX.
Total Charge for 3 days:
£10 for children on free school meals living locally in post codes W2, W9,W10, W11,
£20 for members (not on free school meals).
£30 for all other children.
Children should bring their own healthy pack lunch each day. 60 Places available on a first come, first served basis
Note: Membership can be obtained by attending Friday Club 'Xpress or Sunday at Westbourne Park Baptist Church or St. Stephens Church on 3 occasions during the last 3 months.
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Club ‘Xpress Childcare Policy. The childcare policy is an agreement between the parent/carer and the staff of WPFC. If any of the following areas were to be breached, then it may result in the exclusion of the child. Holiday club has 50 places available each day on a first come first served basis. Operating times: Holiday Club registration is between 10am-10.30am unless advised otherwise. On collection of child/ren at 3pm parent/carer parent must collect child from staff. If parent/carers fail to collect their child/ren by 3.15pm then the child may not be able to attend on the next occasion. Personal Possessions: WPFC will not be held responsible for the loss of personal items or money. Safeguarding Guidelines: Under the children’s act, staff are obliged to inform social services of any concern regarding a child. If there are any issues surrounding a member of staff the parent/carer are advised to inform the leader in charge, Geoff Biggs. If concerns related to the leader in charge, Westminster Safeguarding Unit should be notified on Tel: 0207 741 5909. Hygiene and health: Staff will not be held responsible for administering children’s medicine. If a child has an inhaler, then they will be allowed to treat themselves under staff supervision. If there are any concerns about a child’s state of hygiene of health, then parent/carers will be informed. By signing this form, you will also be giving permission for staff to seek emergency medical treatment of advice for your child if necessary Children’s behaviour: WPFC works hard to ensure that the children in care remain safe and comfortable. Therefore, if a child’s behaviour becomes unacceptable the parent/care will be contacted to collect their child. Parent/Carer Conduct: All parent/carers are requested to respect the environment of WPFC. If they are abusive to staff, shout or apply any form of physical force against a child or member of staff, then appropriate actions will be taken. GDPR: The general Data Protection Regulation effects the way in which charities keep information. Please see our privacy statement which explains what information we hold about adults and children who have registered with us. It also explains why we hold it, how we protect it, and how you can have information removed from our files. This can be found on our website at *
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