Fizzy's YTPMV Song/Music Suggestion Box
Hi there, my name is DIka (or you may know me as Fizzy), and I want you guys to give me some suggestions for a Song or Music for me to use in a YouTube Poop Remixes or YouTube Poop Music Video.
(Please keep in mind that I can't use all of your guys' suggestions in one video (or even a full video), but I'll try to make the best of it if I do)
What is the name of the Song or Music? (It can be anything, from Video Games to Anime to Meme song to just any song in general) *
Where is it from? (or who made the song?) *
Do you have any link to the song/music? Like a link to YouTube/Sound Cloud/etc? (It's easier for me to find it if you have, but if you don't then it's totally fine, just skip this question)
Do you have any specific parts that you want me to do? (you can answer if you want, but if you don't then just leave it)
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