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Whether you would like to be an active member of our community or just like to show your support, we welcome all of the help we can get.

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Otley CLT has formed for the benefit of the community to operate as a Community Land Trust in Otley and the surrounding area (the “area of benefit”). All profits and property shall be used to further the purposes of the Society.

Membership is open to any individual over the age of sixteen or organisation interested in promoting the Objects:

The Society is formed for the benefit of the community to operate as a community land trust in Otley and the surrounding area (the “area of benefit”).

The Objects of the Society are to further, in a sustainable manner, the social, economic and/or environmental interests of people who live and/or work, or who want to live and/or work, in the area of benefit by some or all of the following means:

1. by acquiring, holding, providing, leasing, developing and managing land, housing and other assets in the area of benefit;
2. by promoting, developing, supporting, managing, undertaking and facilitating, community-led initiatives in the area of benefit (including but not limited to the development of housing);
3. by providing information, advice, assistance, training, support, facilities, amenities and services incidental to the provision and promotion of community-led initiatives; and
4. by carrying out any other activity that the directors consider would further the social, economic and environmental interests of the community in the area of benefit relating to the stewardship of land and other assets.

Membership entitles you to one equal vote on any subject at general meetings, and Members of the Society shall be eligible to be appointed as a director. The board of directors shall consist of at least two and not more than nine directors.


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