POLL: General Meeting Activities
We have the itinerary for about half our General Meetings sketched out already, but for the other half we're brainstorming ideas for activities we perhaps haven't done before, haven't done in a while, or could tweak to become more fun and interesting. And we thought it would only be right for everyone to have an opportunity to throw in their two cents!
First things first: about how many of our 8 General Meetings this semester do you think you'll be attending?
Not planning to attend any
I'm hoping to make all of them!
We're DEFINITELY doing Krannert venue tours, so don't worry about those. However, for the non-tour General Meetings, what would you like to see on the schedule the MOST? (Pick three)
How effective are each of these methods in getting the word out about General Meetings for you, personally?
VERY effective/essential
Moderately effective
Slightly effective
Not really that effective at all
KCSA newsletter
Facebook event
Other social media (Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.)
Paper posters and flyers
Word of mouth
KCSA presence at tabling events and Krannert performances
If you have any other opinions, suggestions, questions, etc. that you'd like to share, please do so here! You can also email us directly at kcsarocks@gmail.com
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