UPDATE: As of 12:10PM on July 21st, Porchfest registration is now closed. We are thrilled to have 107 performers and 107 porches to pair. Thanks for the generosity of our performers and hosts. Now: to get to work on pairing, timing, and mapping. Hosts and performers will receive info about their pairing sometime this week. The public should expect the full line-up announcement in a few weeks timed with the link to our merch pre-sale link!

Thanks to our presenting sponsor Tweed and our neighborhood sponsors Arcollab, Athentic, Heirloom Cafe, Koons Environmental Design, Jarrett Martin, and Historic Cobbham Foundation. Thanks to Eli Saragoussi for our artwork, Satisfactory for being our merch partners, Iain our Porchfest Intern, and everyone on our street team that helped spread the word to our neighborhoods. We are so excited about Sunday, October 10th and presenting over 100 live events (as well as working with Boo-le-Bark on the Boulevard) in Pulaski Heights, Newtown, Cobbham, Boulevard, Normaltown, and Buena Vista!

Musicians (or other types of performers) welcome! Solo or ensemble. The more genres the better. So long as you can perform acoustically or at a considerate, compatible volume suited to your host location, the stage is yours.

All you need to do is:
1. Clear your schedule on Sunday, October 10th, 2021 between 1pm and 7pm (You will be assigned a single hour in mid-September)
2. Fill out the registration form below;
3. Get assigned to perform during just one of our six, hour-long slots, leaving you five other hours to wander, mingle, celebrate music, or hustle off to your next gig.

Performer requirements:
-Generosity and good will in the form of a freely given, one-hour performance.
-Watch your email for notifications and connect with your porch host in short order after receiving your assignment (assignments expected late September).
-Coordinate with your porch host about the logistics of your performance (i.e. space needed, electricity needs, etc.).
-Bring whatever gear you need for the performance you want to put on. No PA, sound, or other equipment is provided by the event.
-Perform only during your assigned time (including soundcheck).
- Offer a family-friendly/PG-max performance. It's important to recognize what's appropriate when you're being hosted in someone's home and there's likely kids running around. Thanks!
-Play at a sound level respectful to the neighbors and/or other performers nearby. Acoustic levels always work but common sense consideration ultimately triumphs. Think of your venue as the space between the house and the curb and adjust for that.
-Get the word out to everyone you know to drop on by.

Note: This is a registration, not an application. Please don't register unless you are committing to play. Also, if you are making arrangements for a particular porch, please do not sign up until you've confirmed with the host and ensure they register as well.
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Would you like to play a specific porch, such as a friends or your own? (Note: Porch must be in Pulaski Heights, Newtown, Boulevard, Cobbham, Normaltown, or Buena Vista) *
If so, provide the name/address and make sure they/you register as a host here
Any shared member conflicts with other bands playing Historic Athens Porchfest? If so, please list them here:
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