Is A Dog Park Needed in Ashwaubenon?
At the Park Board meeting of 7/17/18; discussion was started around whether the Village of Ashwaubenon should consider providing a dog park. Needs were discussed. Location was brought up…. size, potentially changing a neighborhood park into a dog park, or finding land to build a separate park were all discussed, as well as maintenance levels.

No action was taken. However, the Park Board wants to hear from YOU. Should Ashwaubenon consider putting in a dog park?

Currently, the Village of Ashwaubenon allows dogs in parks on a “pass-through” basis. Dogs must be on an eight foot leash, and the owner must be in control. Also, “dog passes” are given out in the Park & Recreation office for those who would like to run their dog off-leash in Ashwaubomay Park and Fort Howard Parks for “goose-control” purposes.

This survey will be a component in the decision on the viability/need of a dog park. The survey will be available online through Wednesday, November 14. Ashwaubenon RESIDENTS only, who either have or care for dogs please.

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