Parent Survey AIG Fall 2018
State law requires each Local Education Agency, Chatham County Schools in our case, to review and revise its AIG/Advanced Learners program plan every three years. We are gathering data to help us adjust the plan. We would like to have your input. Thank you for taking the time to complete this.

This is a completely anonymous survey for PARENTS or GUARDIANS.

Please submit one survey for each student enrolled in the program.
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Please rate the following statements. *
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The AIG/Advanced Learning specialist contributes positively to my student's learning.
Working in a peer group of other AIG/Advanced Learners gives my student time to be himself or herself.
Activities within an advanced learning group are more challenging than regular education classes.
Homework in the regular classroom is challenging and interesting for my student.
Possible social or emotional concerns you believe should be addressed. Please, if you have immediate or strong concerns about any of these, let your specialist or classroom teacher or counselor know. *
My student is challenged in his or her area(s) of giftedness. Please answer only in applicable area(s).
Math services in regular education class are challenging.
Math services in AIG/Advanced Learning are challenging.
Reading services in regular education class are challenging.
Reading services in AIG/Advanced Learning are challenging.
How do your student's regular education teachers modify curriculum for your student? *
What means of communication would you prefer? *
If you could change one aspect of advanced learning in your school, what would you change?
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What might teachers do to further support your student's learning?
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