FCS Alumni Survey
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What year did you graduate from FCS? If you left before graduating, what class do you consider yourself a part of?
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Are you a member of the "friends community school alumni" FB group?
Are you connected with any other FCS class-related FB group?
What would you like to hear about from FCS? (check all that apply)
What is your preferred way to communicate with FCS? (check all that apply)
If you prefer to communicate via one channel for some things, and another for other things, please describe your preferences here.
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What are you interested in?
An All-Alumni breakfast with the 8th graders in June
Around the winter Holidays
Hosted at an Alum's home
At a restaurant or club
With just my class
With a group of classes (ie 1995-2000)
An Alumni get-together
What other ideas do you have for Alumni events?
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Thinking about activities that Alumni could do with or for FCS students/teachers, what would you find interesting?
At FCS during the school day
At FCS on the weekend
A one-time activity
A longer service project - a multi-time activity
An activity that interacts with students
An activity that doesn't interact with students
An outdoor service project on campus
An activity focused on current teachers rather than students
Anything else you'd like to add?
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