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Please note that we are NOT taking new clients at this time. We encourage you to fill out this form if you'd like to be placed on the wait list for our Downtown New Westminster location at 9 Sixth Street, or our Sapperton New Westminster location at 305 Cedar Street.

We are currently ONLY operating out of Downtown New West, Sapperton will remain closed until further notice, likely not reopening until fall/winter 2021. Therefore, we are ONLY accepting new clients at our Downtown New West facility for the foreseeable future.

-Current intakes will take anywhere from 1-6 months (possibly more). You will be notified to schedule a meet n' greet when a space becomes available, please check your spam folders for missed communication.
-We are currently *only* taking in new dogs under the age of 1 year old, preference is being given to dogs who have recently completed one or more of our group training classes.
-A meet n' greet and Trial Day do not guarantee a space. You will receive an emailed assessment regarding your dog's first day at daycare within 2 business days noting whether they have been approved or not. The Trial Day fee of $45 applies regardless and we do not give refunds or credits, payment is due to reserve the space, and paperwork must be completed in full prior to their drop off. There are no exceptions.

Thank you for choosing MM, cheers!
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I have read and understand the process for enrollment via the website at: https://www.mindfulmutts.ca/services-we-offer/group-dog-care-and-boarding/ l and that a space must become available for a meet 'n greet in order to enroll, I also understand that a meet 'n greet does NOT guarantee acceptance into daycare or boarding at Mindful Mutts. Dates and times that are available will be sent to me at the discretion of Mindful Mutts, when they become available. This may take up to 3 months, or longer. *
**PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL MEET N GREETS ARE CURRENTLY BEING DONE VIA ZOOM OR GOOGLE HANGOUTS** Please check as many options for meet 'n greets that work for your schedule. Typically these are done one Saturday per month, evenings are not guaranteed and can be difficult to fit into our schedules but we will do our best to accommodate where we can! *
I understand that behaviour is not a guarantee and that Mindful Mutts reserves the right to remove a dog that poses a safety issue or does not fall under our definition of "ease of management". Mindful Mutts will not take in dogs that are not suitable for a group environment, safe to have around people as well as dogs, or that begin to develop problematic group behaviour. Some exceptions may be made for dogs working on separation anxiety with the help of professionals ONLY (several restriction apply). Please fill out the "other" section if there is anything we should know ahead of time. No refunds or credits will be given. *
Is your dog spayed/neutured? If not, when are they scheduled for the surgery and why? Please be elaborate. *
I understand that no new dogs will be accepted over 6 months that have not been spayed/neutured. Dogs that are under 6 months, if accepted, will be required to pause daycare at the discretion of Mindful Mutts anywhere between 6-7 months old due to behavioural challenges that directly become disruptive to our philosophy of "low stress" and "easy management" for the sake of mental & physical health in both YOUR dog, and the others in the group. *
I understand that any use of force, physical punishment, pseudoscience (energy/dog whispering), or use of shock/choke/prong/e-collars etc intended to inflict pain and fear in my dog will not be tolerated and are strictly prohibited. I understand that Mindful Mutts reserves the right to refuse service to anyone insisting on using these painful tools and training methods, and that I risk losing my paid sessions/packages at any time without refunds or credits given if found not following ethical training/handling guidelines as provided by Mindful Mutts. *
Please note that if you have been sick, shown any flu-like symptoms, have been around anyone sick or exhibiting flu-like symptoms, or have traveled or been near anyone that has traveled since March 13, 2020 that you MUST disclose so, with detail, on this form in the space provided below. We may request that you self isolate in your home with your dog for a min. of 14 days prior to beginning daycare or any other service where we are in closer physical proximity with you or your dog for any length of time (including entering your home for dog walking or in-taking your dog for daycare.) While we remain open with minimal services available and a plethora of safety protocols in place... we reserve the right to refuse service at any time to protect the integrity, health and safety of our staff, clientele, and community as a whole by being leaders in transparency and cleanliness. *
While (thanks to science and leaders in public health like Dr Tam and Dr Henry) we know that our dogs cannot contract COVID-19 from humans, or pass it on to us... we are taking matters extremely seriously and acknowledge that the COVID-19 virus can live on a dog's fur for up to 3 hours like most other surfaces. We have protocols in place for both staff AND clients to follow for the health, safety and well-being of everyone. *
Should you be sick, have any flu-like symptoms (even mild), be around anyone who is sick or exhibiting flu like symptoms you must report it to us so that we can discuss actions to be taken (likely asking you to keep your dog at home until you are better, or a 14 day quarantine has been completed). Provided we are being given transparent information we will be more than happy to hold packages on a case-by-case basis so that your dog can remain an active member of our crew <3 *
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