2018 Fall Tennis Clinic Online Registration
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Terms and Conditions

Registration: To register, complete the registration form below and submit it. Acceptance into this class is based on meeting qualifications as noted in the class description and/or upon approval of the Tennis Director.

Fees are Refundable as Follows:
a. For medical disabilities, a pro rata or credit shall be given from the date the refund is requested when accompanied by a doctor’s statement explaining the nature of the disability.
b. A pro rata refund or credit shall be issued to a student who is asked to withdraw from the class due to not meeting entry level requirements. No refund will be issued to a student who is asked to withdraw from a class due to behavior/ tennis etiquette reasons.

Make-Up Classes: There are no refunds for missed classes. This does not include cancellations made by the tennis director due to weather/court conditions. If there are any cancellations due to weather/court conditions, a make-up session will be held at the end of the session on a following week. Make-up classes are with prior approval from the Tennis Director and/or subject to availability or alternate times. Ony the tennis director may approve lesson refunds, credits or pro rata fees.

Inclement Weather: Please call the Director of Tennis at 757-560-5400 to see whether the lesson will be held. If an entire class is canceled due to inclement weather, a make-up day will be schedule. However if 50% of a class is conducted, there will be no make-up. Please refer to your email and/or the GCC Facebook and Graham Slam Tennis Facebook page for any notifications.

Class Adjustments: Any class that has less than three pre-registered students (this includes make-up students) will have the time and/or length for the class adjusted. For adjustments times, please see the tennis staff.

Dress Code: In order to participate, students must abide by the Club dress code.

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