Lead Learning 2009: Colleague Referral Discount

Thank you for including a colleague in your plans to attend the Lead Learning 2009 Summer Institute For Professional Developers. We know the intensive experience will be even more powerful when shared with team members or peers. This is also a way for you to share this experience with others that you know will benefit from our time together.

This special offer, the Colleague Referral Discount, provides you with a $50 refund on your registration for each colleague of yours that registers as well - with no limit on the number of colleagues you can refer. This is a great way to make the institute even more affordable for you in this challenging economic climate.

Please fill out this form once for each colleague that you refer to the institute. Once you and the colleague have registered for the event you will be eligible for a $50 refund. CUE will process refunds either as soon as the Institute is fully booked or after the event takes place, whichever comes first. Processing usually takes approximately two weeks.

To learn more about the Lead Learning 2009 Summer Institute for Professional Developers visit:

To register for the event visit:

Thank you for taking advantage of this offer. We're looking forward to seeing you and your colleague in Ojai.

Mark Wagner, Ph.D.
Professional Development Coordinator
Computer Using Educators (CUE)
MarkWagnerIM (AIM)
markdwagner (Skype)
markwagner (Twitter)

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