A Better Homecare Experience
As part of our commitment to providing excellent homecare, Deckchair Care are researching how people feel about the care service they - or their relatives - currently receive.

What are homecare agencies doing well and how could we all improve?

Excellent homecare to us means being:

Capable, well-trained and knowledgeable.
Friendly and supportive.

Please help us with this quick survey so we can better understand what matters most to people using a homecare agency.

Thank you.

What is your experience of homecare providers?
Care can be provided by the council, privately sourced or a combination - in your experience, which would apply?
Which of the below services are currently being provided (or would be of benefit) ?
If known, what is the minimum appointment duration received or offered?
In general, do you think the carers have enough time to carry out all of the tasks required?
How happy are you with the appointment times offered by the care provider? (Please leave blank if you don't have experience of a care provider).
Not at all
Very Happy
On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend the care provider to a friend or relative? (Again, please leave blank if you don't have experience of a care provider)
No way
Certainly Will
When choosing a care agency, how important are the below factors?
A little
Not at all
Appointment availability
Reviews (online or word of mouth)
Independent Local Business
If available, would you use a secure online system for keeping up-to-date with the homecare being provided? For example next appointments details / previous appointment notes etc.
In your experience, what do care providers do best that should be replicated across the industry?
Your answer
How do you think care providers could improve their service?
Your answer
If you have ever had any problems getting the care required, please let us know about them here.
Your answer
If you would like us to contact you regards a care package, or if you would like to discuss anything with us, please leave your name, email address or phone number below.
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