General NM Dream Team Advocacy Day 2019
Registration form for NMDT Advocacy Day, February 19, 2019

New Mexico Dream Team (NMDT) and United We Dream (UWD) are excited to invite you to our legislative advocacy day. Tuesday, February 19th a day full of experience-based learning at the state’s capitol. 8:00AM- 3:00PM

For preparation participants will engage in advocacy activities and civic engagement training on Saturday, Feb 16th.
Time and Location TBA

The legislative educational programming of NMDT & UWD strive to provide every student, educator and community member with a solid foundation in civic education and offers the tools to be fully engaged as civically active community members. After the programming the successful participant will be able to:
Demonstrate critical thinking, and understanding key contemporary issues of public policy and politics in New Mexico and how they affect our lives.
Deploy the full range of public affairs tools and tactics to engage different stakeholders and how to promote your own interests as students and community members.

NMDT is part of the largest immigrant youth lead network in the country, UWD. Our mission is to pass national,state, and local legislation to protect immigrant communities on all areas. This year we are engaging in the legislative session to ensure the voices of immigrant youth are heard. For years we have lived under the fear of being deported and with the burden of not being able to attend higher education institutions. Today we demand EDUCATION NOT DEPORTATION

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