Parametric Passive Design [PPD]

Parametric Passive Design [PPD]
Grasshopper Workshop For Professionals.

Parametric Passive Design (PPD) is the leading workshop on high performance façades and parametric analysis techniques. A strong discussion encompassing all aspects of Daylight and Energy modeling for achieving highly performance building envelopes. PPD bridges design, research, academia and the profession in one workflow. The developing technology of parametric passive facades has emerged as the key to building systems integration and sustainable built environment. We invite you to join the advanced workshop that is (PPD).

Workshop Aim:
The objective of this workshop is to provide participants with an understanding of how to use
parametric modeling tool along with Radiance and EnergyPlus (Diva For Grasshopper)
together to achieve the optimum sustainable design, and publish their results in scientific journals and

Workshop Outcomes:
Teach the participants how to:-
+Model a parametric room which has multiple parameters which can be optimized.
+Create a range of responsive façade techniques to adopt each design objective.
+Conduct Daylight and Energy simulations using DIVA which communicates with Radiance & EnergyPlus.
+Correctly setup the simulation setting in order to perform a validated simulation results which can be published in scientific journals.
+Organize and analyze the simulation results based on each optimization method that were used.
+Identify the best possible set of solutions based on the balance between thermal and daylighting performance.
+Explore different techniques to enhance the daylighting performance.

Certificate of attendance from [Arkan & IBPSA-Egypt] will be issued after taking the final exam.

*** This Course is for professionals only.
- One Day per Week (Saturday) - [4:00 PM : 10:00 PM].
- 6 Hours per Day
- 6 Weeks
- More than [[[[ 36 Hours ]]]]

Early Registration (Till 5/5/2015)
1600 for Master & PhD students
1800 for Professionals

Late Registration (Till 7/5/2015)
1800 for Master & PhD students
2000 for Professionals

** Payment details will be sent to the registered participants

Not more than [10] participants + [2] Online.

**Arch. Mostafa Atwa
Mob: 01111926656

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