Junior Facebook Media Buyer
Salary: Rs. 20,000 - 35,000  Per Month
Experience: Minimum 1 year
Must Have managed at-least a lifetime ad spend of 25L on Facebook.
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A Client has a daily budget of Rs. 40,000 and the client wants to acquire more customers for his Clothing brand. They sell T-shirts for men and the average price of the T-shirt is Rs. 399.Please explain the Complete strategy you will follow? How many Campaigns you will run? What would be the audience? How many creatives? Budget Per Campaign? Explain everything in as much detail as possible. *
Please Find the ads Flipkart is running at this moment and critique them. *
Share your biggest facebook ads success story. *
Say my budget for cold audience is Rs. 45000. How much should i Invest in remarketing ads and please explain different kinds of Remarketing audiences? *
One of our clients is in the Naturopathy niche? She is trying to sell a course which teaches you how to lose weight without exercise.The course price is Rs. 499. Please write an ad copy for this. *
What's your biggest Challenge when it comes to Facebook ads? *
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